Survey FAQ’s

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Survey FAQ's

You are being asked to take part in research that looks at what makes lives liveable for LGBTQ people in India and the UK.  The surveys are being used to get some information about different aspects of this, and each survey will have a different focus.

What happens if I take part?: If you agree to fill in the survey, you will be asked to tick boxes and fill in answers about your experiences. Your answers will be recorded by the app/website and linked to the information that you gave us about yourself when you first registered as a member.

How old do I need to be to take part?: Only those aged 18 and above should complete this questionnaire.

How long will this take?: The surveys will be no more than 5-10 questions long, and how long it takes will depend on how much you want to write.  We anticipate that it can take between 5-30 minutes to answer the survey.

Will I be named or identifiable?: No – your answers will be kept anonymous, but they will be linked to the information you gave us when you registered, for example if you told us about your sexual identity, gender identity or age.

What if I change my mind?: You are free to withdraw from the survey while answering it. IF YOU DO NOT PRESS DONE, WE CANNOT USE YOUR ANSWERS.

What if I find the survey upsetting/distressing?: You might find replying to some of the questions upsetting or distressing. Please do not complete the survey if you are getting upset.  If you want us to use what you have already written then click done, if not simply close the app.  Click here for details of support organisations in the UK and click here for support organisations in India.

How will my answers be used?
Your data will be used by the researchers to investigate the concept of ‘liveable lives’ for LGBTQ people. Your pictures may be uploaded to our gallery, if you give us permission to do so. Only pictures that have no identifying features, are not offensive, are not advertising something, and do not contain nudity will be uploaded.
All data that you submit to the website will be considered information that can be used for the research.  You will be reminded of this on regular occasions.
Data may be used by the project in published reports and presentations, and in academic books and articles – you will not be named or identified in any of these outputs. Any data you provide or create will be treated with respect and not discussed by the researchers informally or outside of the project and its outputs.
Anonymised data will also be stored as part of the UK Data Service, an archive of data for use only for research and teaching purposes. This archive is not open to the public and can only be accessed by registered users. These users are legally bound not to use data to attempt to identify you, and not to disseminate data which would identify you.

How will what I say be stored?
All the information that you give us via the app and the website will be collected in relation to the information you gave us to sign in (e.g. sexual identity/orientation, gender identity, age etc.). This means that the information will initially be connected to your email address. However, before the information is passed to the researchers, your log in details will be removed.
Your information will be collected on a cloud based storage system.  There is always a risk of someone hacking these systems.  To make sure that doesn’t happen, we have used these security features, and all data is stored on UK servers and comply with the Data Protection Act:

  • Data transmitted over the Internet from the user to the server is encrypted using an SSL (Secure Socket Layers) Certificate. Data is stored in a MySQL database on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) protected by passwords.
  • An extra layer of security is provided by the Cloudflare Content Delivery Network. More details can be found here:

Storage of Database User Names and Passwords:
Database user names and passwords are stored in a file separate from the executing body of the program's code. This file is not world readable or writeable (can’t be accessed from the public Internet).
Database credentials reside on the MySQL database server. In this case, a hash function number identifying the credentials is stored in the executing body of the program's code.

Further information, problems and complaints: If you wish to be informed of the results of the research after this project’s completion, you can contact the researchers.  If you encounter any sort of problem or have a complaint please email Kath Browne or Niharika Banerjea. If you would like to speak to a different person, please contact the School of Environment & Technology at the University of Brighton or call them on 01273 642288 and they will be able to assist you or direct you to someone who can. You can also email Sappho For Equality.