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The purpose of this research is to understand and develop the concept of ‘liveable lives’ for LGBTQ people.

What will I be asked to do?: If you agree to be involved, you will complete the sign in form (there are three compulsory questions and the rest are optional), and then have access to surveys, my moments (for photo upload) and discussion forum.  You can create a profile with picture and a few lines about you. You can choose what to participate in:

  • You can submit answers to the survey questions
  • You can upload pictures and tell us about your experiences of different places under ‘my moments’
  • You can also start or respond to discussions in the discussion forum.

It is up to you to decide whether or not to take part. You are free to stop taking part at any time and without giving a reason.

If you wish to withdraw any data you have provided you can ask to delete all or part of the information on your profile by emailing [email protected] You can ask for your members profile to be deleted also, but this means you will not be able to access the members area of the app/website. You do not need to give a reason, and you will incur no negative effects, nor will this affect your rights.

The benefits of taking part in this research include helping to investigate new ways of understanding and improving LGBTQ lives through the concept of ‘liveable lives’. This could potentially improve ways of measuring ideas like ‘LGBT-friendliness’. You might also benefit from sharing information and resources with other LGBTQ people in India and the UK.

You will not be named in any of the project’s outputs. You will be assigned a fictitious name, and anything in your data that would identify you will not be used. Your email address needed to register and sign in, will not be kept with your data or passed to the research team.

If you choose to put up a picture of yourself and offer identifying details in the 2-3 lines that are going to be part of your member profile, other people on the discussion board will see this. There is a risk that you might be identified.  If you are worried about this, please use a non-identifying picture and vague terms to identify your interests. None of the sign up information will be available to other members.

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‘Towards transnational feminist queer methodologies’ - published paper

The project has had a peer-reviewed paper published. The paper talks about how we did the project transnationally, and focuses on a conversation between the research team about what it means to do queer feminist

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Making Liveable Lives - videos now available

On October 7th 2016, the Liveable Lives project hosted 'Making Liveable Lives' - a one-day seminar for discussing what actually makes life 'liveable' for LGBTQ people in India and the UK. You can now see recorded videos

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Liveable Lives publishes report on how English local councils meet legislation for LGBT people

The LGBTQ Liveable Lives project has published a new piece of research, which explores if and how each local council in England is meeting its duties under the Equality Act 2010. You can now download this report and see

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