Advisory Group

Anuttama - Anuttama Banerjee
I am a consultant psychologist who has been practicing for last 11 years. I did my PhD in clinical psychology from Calcutta Universuty. I am the editor of a newsletter published by Eastern Zonal Psychological Association. Apart from my clinical engagements I am involved with various prestigious academic institutions as academic mentor. I teach the courses on Industrial Psychology in a management college. I am a social columnist in a popular web magazine and I am frequently quoted in both electronic and print media for my psychological analysis regarding various social incidents.
Davina - Davina Cooper
I work at the law school of University of Kent; over the past 25 years my writing and research have been oriented to the transformative possibilities of state and everyday utopian practices, as well as the potential of concepts such as the state, power, property and equality, to be understood in other politically fruitful ways. Radical sexual politics has been a repeated focus of my work, both in my writing and as a local politician in the 1980s, involved in developing lesbian and gay municipal policies. For more details on my academic writing, see: my Academic ; and my less Academic writing
Deboshruti - Deboshruti Roychowdhury
I am currently working as the Dean of Students of Presidency University, Kolkata. I am a doctorate from SOAS, University of London and my specialisation lies in Colonial and Post-colonial Gender and Religious Studies in South Asia. I have taught in the Department of Religious Studies at SOAS and worked for the BBC World Service in my capacity as a News Producer and Presenter. I also worked as the Assistant Editor, Feature of Anandabazar Patrika- the largest selling vernacular daily of India. I am currently in charge of the Gender-sensitization cell of my University and my passion lies in conducting Gender-sensitization camp in the remote areas of my state, West Bengal.
Emily - Emily Falconer
I am a Senior Research Assistant at the Weeks Centre for Social and Policy Research, London South Bank University (LSBU). My research amalgamates theories of gender and sexuality with geographies of embodiment, emotion and affect. I have recently published ‘Seedy Bars and Grotty Pints’: Close encounters in ‘Queer’ leisure spaces Social and Cultural Geography (2014, with Yvette Taylor). I am an executive committee member of the Feminist and Women's' Studies association for U.K and Ireland (FWSA).
Gavin - Gavin Brown
I am a geographer working at the University of Leicester. I research and write about sexual minority lives, as well as about activism and protest. Until seven years ago, I had always lived in London. Moving to Leicester, in the English Midlands, profoundly challenged several of my assumptions about sexual politics. For many years, I identified as 'queer' (rather than gay) but that doesn't seem to work for me anymore.
Paramita - Paramita Banerjee
I am a black coffee drinking social activist in the child rights and queer rights sectors, identifying as a bisexual gender-fluid woman.
Paromita - Paromita Chakravarti
I work at the Department of English and the School of Women’s Studies at Jadavpur University, Calcutta. I teach Renaissance drama, women's writing, and sexuality and queer studies. I have led national and international projects on gender representation in school textbooks, sexuality education, women's higher education, homeless women, women in the Panchayati Raj and in Self Help groups as well as HIV positive women and children. I have been been closely associated with Sappho for Equality since its inception. I am a founder member of the NGO Ebong Aalaap which works on critical pedagogies and serve as board member of "Anjali" a NGO which works on issues of mental health as well as "Ranan", a cultural organisation.
Rob - Rob Rhodes
My name is Rob Rhodes-Kubiak. I currently work as a community development senior practitioner for a local authority. I completed my PhD at the University of Leeds in 2013 with a thesis that explored social movement theory, activism and citizenship through analysis of the history of the LGBT activist movement in Serbia. I remain research-active and am currently publishing the findings of my PhD research. I have particular interests in theories of researching activism, contests and conceptualisations of citizenship, social movement theory, understanding LGBT histories, and minority rights movements in the UK and post-Communist Europe
Subhagata - Subhagata Ghosh
I believe that the right to sexuality should be treated as one of the basic human rights and no one should be discriminated against by the society or state on the basis of her/his sexual orientation. Being co-founder of ‘Sappho’ and ‘Sappho for Equality’, I dream of a world free from phobia and try to become instrumental in LGBT movement in India for more than fourteen years to bring about changes towards a better tomorrow in lives of sexually marginalized women and transmen. PhD in Bioinformatics, I am professionally involved in Government research and development sector. Science provides my living and sexuality bestows my life. My life is, therefore, livable with the co-existence of scientific research and sexuality rights activism.