About Liveable Lives

The Liveable Lives research project looked at how the concept of 'Liveable Lives' plays out in experiences of everyday lives in different places, and how it might be powerful in activism. We think that the concept may have the potential to develop new ways of thinking and talking about the concerns of LGBTQ people, and might help to inform new initiatives and strategies beyond the equalities agenda.

Initially, the research team carried out a desk-based review of current legislation that aims to address LGBTQ equalities in India and in the UK. This was intended to help us understand how locations are rated against each other, and how these ratings match up to what is happening on the ground.

Between November 2014 and April 2015, the project gathered information from LGBTQ people about their experiences of liveable moments through the project's app and website. We also gathered data face-to-face with people at interactive Project Workshops. In addition, we conducted some in-depth face-to-face interviews in India to help us to understand in detail where and how lives become liveable / not liveable.

Following the data collection, the project invited LGBTQ people to design and run street theatre events in Kolkata and Brighton in summer 2015, facilitated by a practitioner well-versed in the street theatre movement in India.

Towards the end of 2015 into 2016, the project examined the data with university academic staff and activists who work on LGBTQ issues, and continues to write up findings. We share these through the project's website and social media, and present them at conferences and publish in academic journals and books. Click the 'Findings' tab above to see more.