Liveable Lives project workshop (Hull)
Liveable Lives project workshop (Hull)

Liveable Lives project workshop (Hull, UK)

Saturday April 18th, 12 noon to 3pm

Centre 88, Saner Street, Hull HU3 2TR

What makes life ‘liveable’ for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer (LGBTQ) people in Hull? And what makes life not liveable? The Liveable Lives project, based at the University of Brighton, wants to hear from you! The project is exploring LGBTQ life in India and the UK – cities in the UK that aren’t big metropolises are often neglected in LGBT research, making this a rare opportunity for Hull’s LGBT voices to be heard in an international project.


Join us on Saturday 18th April for an interactive workshop and discussion with local LGBTQ people, that will explore what makes our lives ‘liveable’ rather than just bearable - so that life feels like living, and not just surviving. This ground-breaking research will gather stories and experiences of everyday life as an LGBTQ person through activities like drawing a map of where your life feels more or less liveable; making a collage to visualise the challenges to living your life; or expressing your ideas through writing. If you prefer to talk, you can join in with discussion groups, or you could do a one-to-one interview with a researcher. Also, if you’d like to stay involved in the project after the workshop, you’ll also be able to continue taking part online or through your mobile phone by visiting


Each personal perspective is vital to shaping the project findings. Sharing your insights could mean that thinking about LGBTQ people will include understandings of people like you, and will communicate your own ideas and concerns rather than trying to speak 'for' you.


The workshop will be held at Centre 88, Saner Street, Hull HU3 2TR. You can drop in any time from 12 noon to 3pm, and come and go as suits you throughout the day. There will be food and drinks available to keep you going! The venue is wheelchair accessible, but feel free to contact us to discuss any other access issues.  Please bring along partners, friends, and share the invite with your networks!


Anyone interested in attending or in finding out more can contact the Liveable Lives project via Facebook ( or Twitter (@liveablelives), or by emailing [email protected].