Public Street Theatre for ‘Liveable’ LGBTQ Lives – participants needed in Brighton!
Public Street Theatre for ‘Liveable’ LGBTQ Lives – participants needed in Brighton!

From August 6th to August 9th, the Liveable Lives research project will be hosting a series of street theatre performances in unsuspecting public spaces around Brighton in the UK! Since November 2014, LGBTQ people have been sharing their ideas and experiences of what makes life really liveable in person at our interactive workshops and through the project’s website Now we’re ready to take these ideas to the public through these one-off performances – we've already organised performances in Kolkata, India, and now we’re looking for LGBTQ people to take part in Brighton!

You might have already seen project member Sumita’s post about street theatre on our website. If not, we encourage you to check it out by visiting the News section or clicking here! Sumita explains the history of street theatre in India and its importance as a political and activist tool. You can also read a bit about Sumita’s own ‘I Script My Script’ process for facilitating street theatre. As an experienced practitioner, Sumita (along with other members of the Liveable Lives research team) will be travelling from Kolkata in India, to run one-day workshops in Brighton with local LGBTQ people, and to help them design and act out their performances.

At each workshop different participants will get together, share their stories and experiences, design a 5-10 minute performance and finally perform it live somewhere in Brighton, a bit like a flash mob! Audience reactions and interactions will be encouraged – we want to know what people think in ‘everyday’ spaces!

Free food and drink will be provided throughout the day, as well as a celebratory dinner afterwards. Activists and researchers will be on hand at all times to offer guidance and support and ensure safety.

Anyone identifying within LGBTQ (including but not limited to lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer) is invited to take part. To ask questions or sign up as a participant, email us at [email protected].


Photo by Nilanjan Majumdar